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Dear Teresa,

The workshop you sponsored at Valley State Prison for Women was wonderful and meaningful to all who participated. Since our prison is now unified with Central California Women’s Facility, we were hoping another workshop could be possible here. The Long-Termers Organization (LTO) is now a merger of both prisons. Your program brings the gift of laughter and that would be an amazing way to heal and grow collectively. The three day workshop you offered truly reflected the power love and laughter can have even to a group of strangers. The fact that Laughing on the Inside came to a prison, free of judgments, was yet another gift. It was so funny to even look at “the cat box” in a new light. Those who participated now can find humor in anything on a daily basis. That gift is priceless.

We appreciate any consideration you can give this request. We know how much you could add to our community.

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A Wonderful Gift


Laughing on the Inside:

I feel that it would be a wonderful gift to offer the women in prison the opportunity to have some comedy training for various reasons.

First it would be a great healing experience, as laughter is the best medicine. It has been my observations as well as personal experience that many of us have enormous scars, both physically and emotionally. I feel that many of us have forgotten how to laugh, not only because of our scars, but also from our guilt and shame at what brought us here.

I also believe that being taught comedy will help us to learn to communicate better, which is so very important.

And thirdly, in this environment morale can and does get very low at times, and I feel this will help tremendously lighten the mood and lift morale.

All in all it is my belief that this would be an awesome experience for inmates as well as staff.


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Laughing on the Inside,

It would be an amazing healing opportunity for an organization such as yours to come visit. In fact it would be soul healing. Many women here arrive with so much hurt and emotional baggage. In essence our spirits are broken and souls shattered. It takes a lot of strength to begin the journey of healing ourselves and paying it forward to others. All the while pieces of our hearts ache daily for our families and the poor choices we made. continue reading »

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Bringing Joy


Dear Laughing on the Inside,

I appreciate you and your organization’s willingness to come to bring joy. Most of us come to prison inside of our own self-prison full of despair. Having the opportunity to have a safe place to allow (ourselves outside) our own prison walls (and) laugh, would be such healing. Laughter is the best medicine lifting spirits and breaking down the hardened walls around some hearts. The beauty of healing brings a better self-esteem and a foundation to recovery. In all essences, it slows down the repeat of the negative cycle. Thank you so much for the great gesture of laughter.

Windy C.

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