Laughing on the Inside,

It would be an amazing healing opportunity for an organization such as yours to come visit. In fact it would be soul healing. Many women here arrive with so much hurt and emotional baggage. In essence our spirits are broken and souls shattered. It takes a lot of strength to begin the journey of healing ourselves and paying it forward to others. All the while pieces of our hearts ache daily for our families and the poor choices we made. We often forget we’re someone’s spouse, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and we matter. Laughter is a true medicine I believe. Laughter and music unify people and give hope today for brighter tomorrows. In a place that can be so dismal, laughter could permeate these walls with Love. Women with better self-esteem and self-worth—laugh! I believe laughter is a stepping-stone to self recovery and what a gift to reintegrate into society with.

Optimus Prime

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